Our Story

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Our Process “Start to Finish”

Our process is two fold we have a process for generating concepts that takes us to presentation, and we have another similar process for assisting clients with the manufacturing of our licensed concepts.


It’s hard to put into words how we come up with what we decide to build. We feel most things have already been done, so it’s up to us to put a G2 spin on them, evolving old things into new things.  We draw from the toys of our past, current technology, and new trends as sources for our inspiration…


We know when we are both excited it’s time to start bringing it into reality. Our design process is iterative we learn by trial and error sometimes several passes are needed to get something working properly. We start with a proof of concept…


When a mechanical design is done its printed on in house 3d printers, then assembled.  While parts are printing electronics controls are build and test firmware is coded. When both are done we integrate the controls with physical model…


When a manufacture licenses a concept from us we make ourselves available to them for manufacturing consulting.  We love to integrate with the production teams to assist in the production of our concepts. This has lead to our greatest successes…

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G2 Invention Toy Products

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